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Chris Causey

Certified Trauma Specialist Clinical Architect

Chris worked as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) for 8 years, which allows him expertise in facilitating specialized SLA and COSA groups. Chris has extensive clinical knowledge in eating disorders, trauma resolution, sex and love addiction and co-occurring addictions, making him equipped to treat a variety of clients and conduct many different styles of groups. Chris has an expansive education history, ranging from Conflict Analysis and Resolution to studies in Sex therapy – which eventually lead to an interest in Trauma Resolution and the Sex Addiction Field. Chris began working at The Refuge in 2007. Chris is also well known for his meditation and mindfulness facilitation. He focuses on a use of heart-centered breath in a modified Holotropic Breathwork modality, combined with the techniques Soul Gazing, Soul Journey, and energy work, which he tailors to be suitable for all levels of experience and trauma survivors alike. He firmly believes in practicing a treatment modality that encourages a healing connection between mind, body, and spirit, through the efforts of fostering personal empowerment and body acceptance. He is frequently asked to share these techniques with both clients and staff. Chris received his B.A. Degree in Human Services from Saint Leo University with a focus in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, and his Master’s Degree at Webster University with a concentration in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral and Experiential therapies.

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