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A Company involved in servicing , maintenance and repairs of engines prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers.
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Since posting my initial review Manifest had taken my son back. They were taking him back whether they were going to get paid or not ! What program does that ? Almost none. They got him through another 30 days and sent him to a sober house and outpatient. My son got up to 55 days clean and relapsed again. However, Manifest and the staff will not give up on my son. They love him and he loves them. THEY’RE TAKING HIM BACK AGAIN ! I just can’t thank them enough !

Dominick C.
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The staff at manifest is second to none! They truly do want to help the client and stop at nothing to do so. Unfortunately when my son completed he went to a sober living and had a slip. All I can say is that Manifest went out of their way to take him back. As a parent if you want to give your loved one a good shot at recovery this is one of the places to go to. I have peace of mind knowing my son is in a safe place being well taken care of. Giant Than You ! To all the staff and Manifest Recovery.

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Beautiful facility. AMAZING STAFF to help you focus on you and your journey. Chef cooks amazing food. Weekly program has a lot of variety including meetings, yoga and weekend outings. They also have a great alumni program.

Joanna L.
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