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Inpatient Treatment Center

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Inpatient Treatment Center

Attending a rehab center is a laudable and the first clear indicator that you aspire to find sobriety again. You need to decide on either inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation depending on your level of addiction, life commitments, and financial disposition. Though centers specializing in outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, prescribe the same treatment as inpatient programs, the latter is more intensive, especially with therapy. It is ideal for those with long histories of dependence, co-occurring mental disorders, or many unresolved emotions driving them to addiction.

Inpatient Treatment

This program offers boarding facilities where patients reside for the duration of their treatment. Though indicated for severe addicts, the program is highly suitable for people with a high relapse rate.

Finding the right center

Choosing the right Riverside drug rehab center will be critical for your recovery. Evaluate your rehab goals by analyzing the addictions you want to break, the behaviors you would like to change, and the underlying conditions you want to address. Determine also the period you would like the rehabilitation to last. 

Intensive outpatient programs are fully immersive, requiring many hours of treatment participation every week for at least eight weeks. If this arrangement feels too restrictive, you can opt for sober-living residences, which afford you some freedom while still undergoing treatment. They offer some semblance of normalcy and offer the support needed for successful reintegration back into routine life. 

Those willing to fully commit to the program can extend their stay to as long as twelve months. This extended care is necessary for patients whose relapses become life-threatening. 

Medical detox is offered in various facilities and hospitals and might precede your admission into an inpatient center. The ideal situation is having the detox conducted in the Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers you will enroll in for your treatment. It enhances your acquaintance with the staff from the start and allows you to transition more easily into the program. 

Choose an inpatient center that meets all regulations and standards. The top rehab centers in Riverside meet all certification and licensing requirements. Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities offer accreditation services. They are non-profit and independent and offer accreditation based on adherence to standards and quality. Use testimonials from recovered patients to determine your shortlisted treatment centers' success rate and understand their ethical conduct and discretion.

Unlike outpatient mental health centers that require less staff, residential programs require a multidisciplinary team. It should include a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, wellness expert, and spiritual counselor. These professionals work together to craft individual programs for each patient. Though their jobs may overlap, no single member should be discharging more than one service. 

Residential programs are expensive, primarily due to boarding costs and 24/7 care and service. Consult your insurance to see if they support this treatment and if they have centers in their network. It alleviates the financial worry that comes with paying for the program out of pocket. 

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Inpatient Treatment Center