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Rehab Centers In Indiana

Article provided by: Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

Chemical addiction is a complex disorder, and treating it comes with a degree of uncertainty and volatility. At Bridges of Hope, we advise you to avoid dealing with the disorder yourself! Come to our rehab centers in Indiana instead, for urgent assessment and treatment!

Should I go to rehab?

If you have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time, yes, you need to join the rehab as soon as possible. You have no way of overcoming the withdrawal on your own, as willpower alone will do nothing for you, while self-detox procedures are mostly ineffective and dangerous. To overcome your addiction and prevent relapse at the same time, you need to start the rehab treatment at a high-profile facility.

The benefits of professional rehab are enormous since you will have experts dealing with your situation 24/7. During the inpatient program, you will receive medication for detox and physiological stabilization, as well as therapy and counseling both during and after the treatment. Professional rehab treatments are not only safer but more effective as well in the long run.

What to expect on the first day of rehab?

The first day of rehab is the period of accommodation. This is when you will meet the staff, take a tour of our facility, and undergo a comprehensive clinical assessment process, which will allow us to find out more about you. Our clinicians will extract valuable information about your clinical status and determine the profile of your addiction, before advancing the treatment to the next stage.

If you qualify for the inpatient program, the detoxification program will be the first procedure in line. It relies on targeted medication to stabilize your psychological functioning, reduce the manifestations of the withdrawal, and cleanse your body of toxins. For complete detox and recovery, we urge you to visit our rehab centers in Indiana today!

The benefits of inpatient rehab

The rehabilitation treatment is ideal for all stages of addiction because it allows for 24/7 monitoring and control during the detox process. The detoxification procedure will leave you vulnerable, both physically and mentally, which is why it is imperative to have a team of experts by your side during the process. Depending on your response to treatment, as well as the severity of the addiction, the inpatient treatment will last up to 90 days, with slight variations.

Upon completing the inpatient program, you will proceed to the next stages of rehab, which include programs like PHP, IOP, or outpatient treatment. We also offer extensive aftercare, with regular meetings for therapy, counseling, and relapse management.

Is there a cure for addiction?

From a medical perspective, substance addiction is a chronic disease, which means there is no clinical cure. However, there are ways to manage the disease and control the triggers. At our rehab centers in Indiana, we teach our patients how to rebuild their lives, remain sober, and work towards a brighter future.

Bridges of Hope offers you the opportunity to discover your life’s true meaning. You are a survivor, and you can defeat your addiction. Have heart, gather your courage, and call us today!

Rehab Centers In Indiana

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When a person is seeking addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol, they will do well to consider the different kinds of rehab facilities in Indiana. Not all rehabs are created equally! True, rehab is rehab, but the facilities and the programs are quite different from rehab to rehab. Just how important is it to select the right rehab facilities when seeking treatment? Let's explore.

How Important is it to Research the Many Rehab Facilities in Indiana?

Consider Bridges of Hope's rehab facilities. Our property and our treatment program are very different from so-called standard rehab facilities. While the average rehab in Indiana looks and feels like an institution, Bridges of Hope looks and feels like a home. While most rehab facilities stuff as many patients together at once as they can, Bridges of Hope only admits a limited number of patients at a time. This means that we can better allocate our resources and give the kind of one-on-one attention that each patient needs and deserves.

When a person is ill in active addiction, they need to seek treatment ASAP. At the same time, it is wise to take an hour or so and do some online research to find the rehab facility in Indiana that best matches the needs, personality, and goals of the patient seeking addiction treatment. Across the United States, drug and alcohol rehab facilities are failing to keep people clean and sober at a dismal rate. Only 18% of all people who graduate a drug and alcohol rehab facility will stay clean longer than two years! While this can't all be blamed on the rehab facilities, there is ample evidence that people who take their time to select a rehab facility that is right for them have a much better chance of getting clean and staying clean.

The Program Matters as Much as the Facilities Themselves!

Surely, you see the practicality in selecting a rehab that is conducive to your needs, personality, and goals. But have you considered how the facility's rehab program will play a part in your recovery? Most drug rehab facilities in Indiana follow the traditional 12-Step treatment model, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What these facilities fail to do is to incorporate modern and holistic addiction treatment models.

Additionally, many rehabs in Indiana push their patients from class to class and group to group. They never allow their patients to relax, reflect, or rejuvenate. At Bridges of Hope, we are a much more laid-back rehab facility. We let people recover at their own pace. Here, you can enjoy some great fishing, hiking, and other luxury amenities in a rehab facility that fosters recovery. We combine the best of traditional, modern, scientific, and holistic treatment models to give our patients the best chance of long-term recovery possible. If you'd like to learn more about us and determine if we have the rehab facilities in Indiana that are right for you, then start your journey of recovery today! Give Bridges of Hope a call any time. We are located in Anderson, IN, just North of Indy.

rehabs in indiana

Having to live with addiction can be a hellish experience. At Bridges of Hope, we offer a solution – some of the most advanced rehabs in Indiana, where we offer rehab services, dual-diagnosis treatment, and long-term therapy and aftercare assistance.

Can you cure addiction?

Substance addiction is a chronic disease, which means there is no traditional cure to it. Just like any other chronic disease, your only hope of defeating it is learning how to manage the symptoms and prevent long-term relapse. It’s a simple concept in theory, but it can become a daunting task in practice.

The truth is you cannot overcome or contain your addiction yourself, by using sheer willpower. The withdrawal will force you to relapse every time you attempt quitting cold turkey, while self-detox methods are vastly ineffective and risky. To overcome the disorder and make sure you remain sober over the years, you need to enter a professional rehab program as soon as possible.

The benefits of drug rehab

The rehabilitation treatment will allow you to regain your mental freedom from addiction. The rehabilitation procedure consists of several forms of treatment, each with its own long-term benefits:

Medical detox – The detoxification process will cleanse your system of the damaging chemicals, help you overcome the withdrawal, and reduce the discomfort during the recovery process. It relies on targeted medication for immediate results, as well as lay the foundation for long-term sobriety.

Therapeutic assistance and dual-diagnosis treatment – Most victims of addiction deal with other mental disorders in parallel, like anxiety, PTSD, or depression. Our rehabs in Indiana feature advanced behavioral therapies to restore the balance between your thoughts and emotions and help you heal and recover.

Relapse prevention education – Knowing how to prevent long-term relapse represents the foundation of a lifetime of sobriety, health, and freedom. We'll teach you how to avoid social triggers, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and focus on your life goals over the years to come.

Should I join the rehab?

If you’re dealing with withdrawal symptoms regularly, and you feel like you can’t control your cravings, you need to begin the rehab immediately. Your addiction may have already advanced too much for you to control it on your own. We advise you to seek professional assistance soon before the condition aggravates any further!

To receive the best treatment, you must look for a rehab facility that offers:

  • Personalized treatment options
  • Advanced detoxification and dual-diagnosis services
  • Therapeutic assistance
  • Relapse prevention support
  • Counseling and life skills training, etc.

All these strategies will help you recover faster and remain sober over the years. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, we urge you to start the rehab asap!

Freedom from addiction

Our rehabs in Indiana will allow you to regain your freedom and mental and social independence. At our centers, we don’t treat the symptoms of the disease, we treat the people. Our holistic approach has helped us change the lives of countless people, with more joining their ranks every day.

Bridges of Hope brings you knowledge, excellence, respect, and some of the most advanced rehab services you can find. Call for an appointment today, and start your journey towards a life free of addiction!

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